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Why don't you join us?

Do you like to study foreign language ?
Do you have a difficulties in expressing your self in Indonesian language ?
Are you interested in Japanese language ? If you answer "yes" to any of these questions, you should join us at Jakarta Communication Club!!

We offer you are new and improve Curriculum that focused in conversation by using tape recorders and videos. With our native speaker instructors, a few number of classmates in an air conditional class and complete facilities, we create comfortable and active class.

Our comfortable school in beige wall and dark red roof or also equiped with a big comfortable lobby to practise your new studied language with other student. Our aim is to be the best communication place in Jakarta.

With our Japanese Chief Coordinator and experienced native speaker, we guarantee that you will be satisfied.
A part from Regular classe offer Private course, Intensive course and Company lesson.
Beside that, there's JCC Culture Center now. It sites in the same way of JCC Language Centre. You can learn many culture such a handycraft, painting, cooking, music, sport, etc.

We also have many interesting events like party, flea market, tours etc.FOr further information, you can click event site on the left.

So, join us and don't hesitate to call, or directly come to our school. We welcome you anytime and will answer your questions.

Jakarta Communication Club

JCC1-Language Center

Jl. Cipaku II No.13

Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12170

(TEL) 021-27514041 / 021-72791829 Fax: 021-72791829

Email: info@jccindonesia.com

JCC2-Culture Center

Jl. Cipaku V No.17A

Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12170

(TEL) 021-7257266 / 021-7250530 Fax: 021-7257266
Email: info@jccindonesia.com


We apologize for the moment the articles are still written in Japanese language!!
JCC Original Text Book
乬Jissen Indonesia-go乭



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